Premier Competitive. The pinnacle of our soccer training program where dedicated athletes refine their skills for their competitive stage. Having thrived in our academy’s environment, our players are now ready to showcase their talent in the rigorous world of competitive soccer. Our competitive program is designed to challenge, inspire, and elevate our athletes, preparing them for success both on and off the field.

Join us in shaping the elite performers of soccer, where passion meets perseverance in the quest for excellence. ⚽️🏆


Premier stands as a beacon for competitive soccer, with our academy rapidly becoming a cornerstone in the local soccer landscape. The enthusiasm from our community has been nothing short of remarkable. It’s when high-caliber training aligns with a player’s passion for the game that true excellence emerges.

Our approach to competitive soccer is strategic and intentional, ensuring that every aspect of our program aligns with our core values and the ambitions of our players and members. Victory is important, but our primary goal is the holistic development of our athletes. We strive to cultivate players who are not only champions on the field but also ambassadors of sportsmanship and integrity off it.

We are more than just a soccer club; we are a collective of visionaries challenging the status quo and reshaping the future of soccer. Join us on this exhilarating journey and discover why Premier is the center of conversation and admiration in the competitive soccer community.


Birthyears 2012-2006
$ 1865 Year
  • Challenger +$125
  • Prime and Up +$200


Birthyears 2012+
$ 1995* Year
  • Challenger +$125
  • Prime and Up +$200

Our directors

Daniel Paschedag

Executive director

Karina Cruice

Director of coaching

Andrew Cox

Director of academy