We believe in empowering San Antonio's Soccer Community through affordabilityPremier stands out not only for its commitment to excellence on the field but also for its dedication to keeping the sport accessible. See below for our 2024-2025 prices!


Birthyears 2020-2013
$ 99-189 Season
  • Pick your Location
  • Funino based gamedays and training
  • 1-2 Practice a week

Academy (U7-U10)

Birthyears 2018-2015
$ 1345 Year
  • Our Fastest Growing Program
  • 2+ Practice a week
  • 3rd Largest Academy in SA

CompetitivE (U11 - U12)

Birth year 2014-2013
$ 1865* Year
  • *Challenger level + $125
  • *Prime level and up +$200
  • 2+ Practices a week

Competitive (U13+)

Birth year 2012+
$ 1995* Year
  • *Challenger level + $125
  • *Prime level and up +$200
  • 2+ Practices a week

Our pricing model

Youth sports programs can provide invaluable benefits for children, including improved physical health, teamwork skills, and a sense of belonging. However, many families may struggle to afford the high costs associated with competitive youth sports, which can create barriers to participation and limit the diversity of participants.

Our pricing model reflects the challenges our community face when finding competitive soccer programs. Premier Futbol Academy of San Antonio is a not for profit soccer club. While our focus is to build quality soccer players through purposeful coaching and communication with parents. As with any business, with no margin, there is no mission. Our pricing, vendor contracts, and business model is built with the youth soccer community in mind.

This helps to ensure that every child has a chance to develop skills and passions that can help them succeed in life. Ultimately, we are a youth sports program that invest in the future health and well-being of our community.

How do we do it?

First and foremost, we are responsible with our membership’s dues. We actively look for ways in which to save and reinvest in our communities either by passing on savings and/or providing scholarships. A great example of this was leading into the 22-23 season. A local soccer complex quoted us $6k per team to rent half a field. Pfft…that’s crazy town. With a roster of 15, that’s $400 per player.

Instead, we looked for and found meaningful relationships in our community to save our parents over $250 a year in field fees. Most importantly, we were able to pass on those savings to our membership because that’s the right thing to do. 

As with many not-for-profits, we thrive with community support.  If you are interested in learning how you can donate or support our club and mission, please reach out here.