Why was the club created?

Ethics. Plain and simple. We base our decisions on doing what is right by the players, parents and coaches.   

I am a coach with a team. Can we play for Premier Futbol Academy of San Antonio?

Hi coach, let’s chat. Great players require great coaches. Please reach out directly to our Director of Coaching, Daniel Paschedag.

Who are the Directors of this Club?

Director of Coaching (U11-U19) : Daniel Paschedag; daniel@premierfasa.com

Assistant Director of Coaching (U11-U19) : Karina Cruice; karina@premierfasa.com

Academy Director (U7-U10): Andrew Cox; andrew@premierfasa.com

Juniors Premier Director (U4-U11): Ed Gonzales; ed@premierfasa.com

Where are practices held and games be played?

Dr. John Folks Middle School

Westover Hills Church Sports Complex

Warren HS

How will the club be governed and managed?

The board will consist of officers including a President, Secretary, Treasurer, Marketing Executive, Director of Coaching, Coaches’ Representative, Parent Representative, and a Member-at-Large with equal voting rights.  Premier Futbol Academy of San Antonio will be responsible for the election of its own governing body during yearly General Membership Meeting (May). The policies, guidelines, bylaws, constitution, philosophies and procedures of Premier Futbol Academy of San Antonio will be determined by the Premier Futbol Academy’s board, while the DOC will be asked to carry out his duties in accordance to these guidelines. Guidelines were  developed that will in essence serve as the protocol of how the teams will be operated as well as the roles of all functions within the organization. Open board meetings and transparency about all club related activities is our highest priority!

How are teams formed and how will it be communicated?

New teams for our new club will be formed annually via pool training (U7-U10) and tryouts (U11-U19) just as they are currently with all teams in our club. We anticipate at a minimum that we’ll be forming new teams for the U7 and U8 boys and girls during this period usually at the end of May or beginning of June next seasonal year. Players from existing teams will be put back in a pool of players in each age group and the teams reformed including new players not previously in the club. Pool training and Tryout information for both new and existing teams will be posted on the Premier Futbol Academy’s website and social media outlets. In addition, bulletin postings will be made at local parks and to recreational soccer parents/players prior to this event. We have also developed a professional and highly functional website for the new club for the purposes of communicating.

Can players play up?

It is most important to the coaches and club to develop our players to achieve their highest potential.  Even though our players are expected to play in their correct age group our Coaches and Director of Coaching are constantly evaluating our players’ current level and development needs. Players may advance to an older age group if the coaches and director of coaching determine that it is best for his or her development.

Will Premier Futbol Academy be a true club or just a collection of teams?

Unlike many large clubs in the area, Premier Futbol Academy of San Antonio will not be a bunch of renegade teams that happen to play in the same geographical area.  Premier Futbol Academy will have guidelines, club wide player development curriculum, and a philosophy in place to insure that the player is best developed within a club’s well-designed process. Our guidelines will require that decisions be made in the best interest of the players of the club rather than in the best interest of a specific team.

What are the next steps in this process and when are pool trainings (U7-U10) and tryouts (U11-U19)?

Tryouts are held annual in May. Parents of children interested in joining our club for any age group should contact the Assistant Director of Coaching, Karina Cruice. She can provide exact dates and locations of tryouts, and an overview of the program, our guidelines, and philosophy.

We just moved to the area and want to play soccer, what do I need to do?

We are open year round and accept all new U6-U10 players on our Academy teams. Please contact Academy Director Andrew Cox.

Many of our competitive teams leave space on their roster for situations such as this. We invite you to contact our Assistant Director of Coaching, Karina Cruice. Please understand that player spaces are limited and that there is no guarantee that you will be placed on a team. In that case, we will do our best to help your child find another team in the area.

What are the advantages of playing for Premier Futbol Academy of San Antonio?

We have professionally licensed coaches (including some with professional and college playing and coaching experience) with all age groups supervised by a UEFA/DFB “A” Licensed Director of Coaching providing an age appropriate developmental curriculum for the players.

Both our Director of Coaching and Assistant DOC are also part of the South Texas State Soccer Association Instructor staff for US-certified Coaching Education courses.

Each member of our professional coaching staff holds National recognized coaching licenses from the US Soccer Federation as well as US Youth Soccer.

Our Board of Directors maintain the highest organizational standards to ensure the success of the club on and off the field. The club also offers a unique range of programs including goalkeeper specific training, summer camps and clinics, fitness, strength and conditioning, individual technical training, as well as college and Olympic Development Program soccer identification and contacts for our older players.