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We are San Antonio based and accountable solely to our local community and membership.

Premier Futbol Academy an Elite San Antonio Soccer Club

Impacting Our Local Community Through Soccer Coaching

Premier Futbol Academy is a standalone San Antonio soccer club. We provide professional soccer training for boys and girls from ages 3 to 18 years old. Our training program is built to enable players to achieve their highest potential and become successful soccer players. 

We understand the perks of training soccer skills at a young age, and from the first experience with Premier Futbol Academy, kids will never forget the virtues we instill.

Apart from soccer skills, we’re keen to create a fun environment. Premier Futbol Academy hopes all players will at least walk away not only with skills but virtues like sportsmanship, character, discipline, and fitness.

We are fully developmental, and our training program focuses on collective, technical, tactical, and cognitive training. We understand the realm of soccer at San Antonio, and our academy suits players to compete at national and international levels.

Junior Premier

  • The Junior Premier program is designed for the youngest players aged 3-10. Our core focus here is the development of basic football skills and fun. We introduce kids to soccer-related events each week, including practice, academy sessions, and a game on the weekend. We teach everything on-site, and we slowly build self-esteem, friendship, and commitment values at a very young age.

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Why choose Premier Futbol Academy as your San Antonio Soccer Club?

Among dozens of soccer clubs in San Antonio, we Foster a Love and Passion for soccer by developing players, supporting coaches, communicating with and appreciating parents, and positively impacting our community.


  • The Premier Academy caters to kids aged 6-10 years. Here, we still employ Junior Academy tactics, and we provide the player with a fun environment and at the same time emphasizing fundamental skills and training techniques. Our staff also scouts for training opportunities like strength, agility, and speed. We love to emphasize fitness, and that’s why we’ll incorporate our fitness partners, Fitness365, at this stage.

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  • The final stage, Competitive Academy, goes up the age group (10-19) as we work on advanced soccer skills. Here, we introduce kids to a competitive level of play with a certified coach and training staff. Teams play competitively with other clubs from the San Antonio area as we look to instill positive attitudes. Our academy also encourages parents to come up with a comprehensive timetable to ensure academics do not interfere.


What Makes Us Unique As A San Antonio Soccer Club?

Experienced Coaches

We boast some of the best coaches and instructors in San Antonio, TX. If you’re tired of amateur trainers and want to join the best soccer academy in San Antonio, then don’t hesitate to give us a call. We ensure all coaches are licensed and have the experience as professionals training youth sports across all age levels.

We Love Soccer

Premier Futbol Academy is more than just a training hub for upcoming players. We love soccer, and so our teaching skills go beyond the pitch. We ensure players get the confidence and love the game as they prepare for competitive level soccer.

We Instill Skills

Our soccer club is one of the most established soccer clubs in Northwest San Antonio. Our soccer program in San Antonio has managed to work with hundreds of players over the years. Join us and become part of our success story as the best soccer academy in San Antonio.