Premier Futbol Academy uses Funino Style Training for their youngest players

Premier Futbol Academy of San Antonio prides itself on using innovative and effective training methods to help young players reach their full potential. One of the methods that set this club apart from others is the use of Funino style training and gamedays.

Funino is a small-sided game that is played on a reduced-size field with no goalkeeper. It is a game that emphasizes speed, decision-making, and technique, making it an ideal training tool for soccer players of all ages and abilities. Funino is different from most traditional soccer training methods, which tend to focus on individual drills or larger games with full teams and substitutions etc.

The reason why Club Premier Futbol Academy uses Funino is that it is an excellent way to improve players’ technical skills and decision-making ability. Funino encourages players to make quick decisions and react to the fast-paced nature of the game, which helps to develop their cognitive and physical abilities. Additionally, Funino creates a highly competitive environment that helps to build players’ confidence and resilience.

To further illustrate the benefits of Funino, let’s compare it to traditional soccer training methods in the following table:

Training MethodFuninoOther Club Training
FocusTechnical skills and decision-makingIndividual drills or full-team games
Field SizeReduced sizeFull size
Player Count3v3 or 4v411v11
100% Play TimeYesNo
Competitive EnvironmentHighly competitiveCompetitive, but less intense
BenefitsImproved cognitive and physical abilities, confidence, and resilienceImproved individual skills, teamwork, and game strategy

As you can see, Funino has many advantages over traditional soccer training methods. By focusing on technical skills and decision-making, Funino helps players to improve their abilities in a more engaging and challenging way. Additionally, the reduced field size and lack of a goalkeeper create a more intense and competitive environment that encourages players to push themselves to the limit.

In conclusion, Funino is an innovative and effective training method that is ideal for soccer players of all ages and abilities. Premier Futbol Academy has seen great success by incorporating Funino into our training programs. Going into our fourth year we are seeing the results of this training by having grown to have be the 3rd. By utilizing this unique training method, players can improve their technical skills, decision-making ability, and overall game performance.

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