Premier Academy Program Overview

The U6-U10 Academy Program is a 10-month (Aug. – May) competitive program for boys and girls in the youngest competitive age group of the Premier FA Player Development Pathway. The focus of the Academy Program will be player development in a fun and rewarding environment, within a competitive arena, while emphasizing proper skill acquisition and training techniques.

You may wonder why America has been unable to produce the quality that many other countries have. Well a lot of experts say it has do with our mentality and culture of winning at all costs, even at the expense of development. Our goal is to produce QUALITY, HIGHER LEVEL, Competitive players who will be well-equipped for the competitive game.

“The emphasis on winning is a detriment to young players because it prevents us from developing technically proficient players. And we are not giving them the ability to make decisions.” – US U17 National Team Coach, John Hackworth. Soccer America, Oct. 2006.


Team training occurs twice weekly with games on weekends. The Academy teams will participate in 2-3 tournaments per season. All teams are trained by appropriately licensed, professional club coaches to provide the players with the best possible foundation of skills and knowledge of the game.

Player attendance at all training sessions and games is expected.

Team Formation

Premier FA Academy players train throughout the year in a player pool system within each age group. The player pool system allows for an optimal practice environment and flexibility in roster selection which allows for better learning opportunities on a week to week basis. The pool system also allows for roster adjustments to be made ensuring that the appropriate level of competition is achieved.

We want to challenge players over the course of the season. As players develop we offer the flexibility to give players extra or more advanced playing opportunities to make sure players are always growing.   

League and Policies

Premier FA Academy Teams will play in the PDF League, an association under US Club Soccer. Our teams will be playing various competitive clubs in the Greater San Antonio Area.

Our club adheres to the U.S. Soccer Federation’s policy on NOT ALLOWING heading at these age groups. Every licensed coach at Premier FA is certified in a course administered by the Centers of Disease Control on how to safely run sessions and deal with concussion protocols. 

Program Costs

Only $1245 for the entire 2022-2023 Season! Option to pay in monthly installments is available!
You will find that this is a competitive price in the San Antonio Area for Soccer. Fees for players that join during the season will be prorated accordingly.

GREAT! How do I sign up?

Please contact our Academy Director, Andrew Cox


You player will join 2-3 upcoming training sessions. It will give us an opportunity to evaluate your child’s current skill level and to place your child into the appropriate level of development. It will also give you an chance to see our Coaching Staff work with our players/team(s) and your child will get to meet his/her possible new teammates.